Birthing Pang of a new business

Birthing Pang of a new business

With only days before Christmas, we were driving 3 hour to the manufacturer to pack and ship the remaining orders. This in itself was no big deal, but when we pack the orders and found that we had more orders then sets, this was a big deal! Between the material that our other manufacturer had wasted on wrongly cut planks and the time rush we were simply short sets. I felt horrible and had to send out some difficult emails and make some tough phone calls, but, I though, it couldn’t get much worse then this. At this point I think God started to laugh.

Fast forward a few days later. I’m at home opening gifts with my children when I receive an email on my phone with the following picture attached:

This was followed by more emails, more pictures, and unhappy phone calls from retailers who had trusted me.

It is a horrible feeling to find out the the thing that you sent out to people, your dream, your vision, turns out to be crap and cause immense amount of stress to parents and retailers when they have to apologize to their kids and customers on your behalf. I really wanted to run away from this whole thing at this point, but I care more then that and I believe that there is always a way to turn a situation into a win-win.

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