Building Planks!

  • Remember playing with Lincoln Logs?  There is something inherently fun about building something with your own hands.  There are no limits on how or what to build, there is only building!

    With Lincoln Logs, most of the interaction was limited to an “outsider looking in” perspective, if you will.  Tiny houses or towns can be built and the child imagines little villagers and animals and there is great fun in this to be sure!  This type of play is perfect on a rainy or cold winter day, but in the summer there is an irresistible lure to be outside.

    Imagine if your child suddenly has the materials to build a seesaw, or a fortress, or perhaps a tower to keep watch for invading dragons!

    Through Imagiplanks, your child can safely create whatever they wish to build and interact with them fully.  Think of Imagiplanks as a sort of life-sized version of Lincoln Logs.  Inspire and nurture the architect, carpenter, actor, director, knight in shining armor, in your children.  Let them build their ideal playground and take their “playtime” to the next level by giving them that sense of accomplishment once they realize their handiwork.  You are not only giving them a chance to explore their creativity, you are also helping them build their confidence.

    Confidence is so important for your child as they grow and develop.  They will look at life with a positive attitude and will most likely approach challenges with “I can” instead of “I can’t”.  They will learn how to do things for themselves, thus gaining independence.

    The importance of play is evident in this video.

    Encouraging your child to create and play will benefit them well beyond childhood, lasting throughout their lifetime.  More and more corporations today encourage their members to “play” and not shy away from creativity and having fun.  Creativity leads to innovation.  Innovation is what drives us past our current limits and enables us to surpass challenges and come up with solutions.

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