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Imagiplanks Castle

 Imagiplanks – The Infinite Playground!

 Stack, build, shape….

“Kids can make a fort, a playhouse, a slide, tower, teeter-totter, tunnel, bridge… the options are endless! The beauty of this play set is that it can be adapted as the kids’ interests change” ~Eric H, dad to three

  • The play set is made from American Hardwood.
3 sized sets available:

10 piece Starter Set

20 piece Constructor Set

30 piece Master Builder Set

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The toy is made in USA from USA materials. The finish is made in small batches in Colorado, it has 5 all natural ingredients; Linseed oil, Tung Oil, Pine Rosin, Beeswax and Orange Oil. The boards weigh under 3 lbs a piece. The toy is ideal for children 6-9. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED The boards are 36″ X 9″, This toy is brand new and we are just going to production with it. We expect to get the first line out before the end of the year. *All orders billed from Arizona will be charged a 9.466% sales tax.

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Price: from $239.95

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