Spatial Intelligence and Creative Building


There are many reasons why Imagiplanks excites me.  One of them is the opportunity to help develop and strengthen multiple intelligences in children, specifically their spatial intelligence.

I used to think that only certain types of people could be spatially intelligent.  Like a talent that must be born with you.  I do believe that some people are talented in some ways and have the ability to be naturally exceptional  at certain things.  Take Leonardo Da Vinci for example.  He demonstrated to be highly adept at several things.  Although you may not be the next Leonardo Da Vinci, it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish greatness.

There is an old adage that I find rings true in every aspect of life: practice makes perfect.  A person may be born with the natural tendency to excel in certain things, but they don’t become masters of anything without dedication, hard work, and an almost obsessive persistence.  People don’t wake up and compete in the olympics.  They dedicate years, most of them starting from a very young age, perfecting, mastering their specific skill.

Team USA's youngest 2012 Olympic gold winner: Katie Ledecky

Team USA’s youngest 2012 Olympic gold winner: Katie Ledecky

Is intelligence a predetermined aspect of a human being?  Or is it something we can harness?  Can we look at the brain as a muscle, something that we are able to mold and improve?  There is strong evidence that a person’s intelligence can be improved, that a person’s IQ score can be dramatically increased.  It’s as simple as taking a Math test or a history test.  The more you study, the better the results.

You have the opportunity to nurture and develop these different types of intelligences in your children, through play.  The more you expose them to types of play that will encourage their creativity and stimulate their brain in ways that strengthen different types of abilities, the more exercise that part of their brain gets and the better it becomes.

Imagiplanks provides an excellent brain exercise for your children while providing them the freedom to explore, create, and build.  Working with their hands to move and transform the pieces introduces them to fundamental laws of physics and teaches them about the world, the way a book can’t teach them the subtle yet immense power of gravity.

Below is a chart of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner.

Notice that at the very least, interacting with Imagiplanks highlights the Visual/spatial, Naturalistic, and Kinaesthetic intelligences.  While playing outside with Imagiplanks, your child can safely experience and enhance these intelligences.  They are simultaneously learning about their natural world, about seasons and changes as time progresses during the day while designing and shaping their own toy creations and creating muscle memory and body coordination to execute their visions.  They will feel a sense of power and accomplishment in creating something out of nothing.  They will learn to adapt to their needs, to improvise and provide solutions based on what they decide they would like to play next.  Through play, you are helping your child unlock their full potential.


As a parent, your role in your child’s development is significant.  Think of how your involvement can positively impact these early years.  They somehow manage to grow up so fast.  The time you have with them is very brief.  Enjoy your children.  Spend time to play with them.  Watch them grow with pride.

Watch the following video for some ideas on how you can spend more time with your children.

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