The Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper

The Rabbit Hole Gets Deeper

I went back to the manufacturer to find out what happened. The sets of imagiplanks that went out were not like the set I had inspected in the beginning. It turns out that in the rush to get the orders done, the manufacturer had brought in some family helpers and things got sloppy. A lot of the problems had to do with hole not being pre-drilled, which when the plank is first packed is un-noticeable, but when the box arrives in a new place with different humidity the wood expands and all of the pressure around that screw causes “kablooy”  the wood splits.

The manufacturer agreed to make replacement parts, which he did. Then We put in an order for 10 more sets of imagiplanks to send to the people still waiting. He agreed to do the order and everything was in the works when he got a surprise audit from his insurance company. We got a “surprise” phone call that he could not make any more imagiplanks because his insurance does not cover it.

We had already been talking to other manufacturers at this point because of the quality issues with our first guy and it was looking like we found that right company for the job. Only one problem. The price for the new manufacturer was more then double the price from the old one. Making imagiplanks with the new manufacturer would equate to losing about $50 for each set sold, not a winning business strategy.

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